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You supply us your address, and we connect you with a Top Real Estate Agent who’s willing to sell your home for 1% vs. the usual 7% selling commission. But not just any agent; you’ll have access to an agent from a top Canadian real estate brokerage, and all of the exposure, service and expertise that goes with listing from a leading company with large financial and marketing resources.

We are the only ones who are willing to truely charge a commission of 1% . Other discount Brokerages say they will but end up charging you more once the Selling price goes over a certain threshhold. We have no threshold. It's Simple: 

$500,000 sale price is equal to a $5000 commission

$700,000 sale price is equal to a $7000 commission


Premium Real Estate Service

With some discount Real Estate brokerages services can indeed be scaled back. With us however, you lose nothing! All our clients receive full MLS® listing with quality photos and, as with all MLS® listed properties, your listing will appear on hundreds of Internet web pages that utilize MLS® data. Our clients will also receive professional representation from one of the best Realtors® in the business.

Unlike a mere listing service, where you get listed on the Internet but are then on your own, we are always working as your advocate and in your best interests. We fully explain the contracts and walk you through the entire process. We assist you with expert negotiationexperience and knowledge of Real Estate law so that in the end you have an error free contract that ensures the transaction completes as you intend it to.

We have a proven marketing strategy and, because of our balanced commission strategy, we enjoy great co-operation with other Realtors® ensuring your property is seen by every potential buyer.

We even go further than many high fee Real Estate companies by providing home staging adviceweekly feedback and market updates during listings



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